The best sex ever!


The best sex ever, sex with no limit, no circumstances, no expectations on the outcome, and no questions.


The best sex ever, sex with the freedom to be yourself, speak your mind. Hey, if you want to love him while the two of you are in the moment, then let it be. It does not mean you want him all for yourself, or you want him to stay the night. It means you are enjoying yourself and expressing it with words, sounds and actions. Saying I, love you to a person has so many different meanings, but people only take it for one thing.


I love you, means you feel deeply for a person. Nothing wrong with developing emotions for someone you share yourself with in the heat of an alcohol infused moment.


Saying I am in love with you, completely different meaning.


Saying I love you to a person, you barely know, but you are having sex with them. Although, it is a contradiction of sorts, is it the wrong thing to say?


Most women are very emotional and add alcohol to that it will heighten many things including emotions. I never meet a woman who was not in love when she was otherwise engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages.


However, it has happened to many people. Saying I love you in this moment, simply means you are feeling no obstacles or boundaries. It feels better when you have no restrictions on your emotions.


The best sex ever, is usually with someone you love, not someone you are in love with. It is rare for a person who is in love with someone to be himself or herself. Strange to write that but it is fact. I have known many people who feel awkwardness in moments of intimacy with someone they love.


Personally, I say you must always have good communication because if you cannot be your while intimate with a person, you cannot be with that person.


People will usually put up a front of sorts, fearing the person they are in love with will not like who they really are. Personally I think when with someone and they know the real you, it will make them love you more. That is my opinion and I am a positive person filled with confidence. It did not happen for me over night and many a person in my life tried to take me off my positive track, but a strong-minded is a woman who will not let her focus be swiped from beneath her.


I will state there is some unspoken comfort with being with a stranger. By stranger, I simply mean someone you do not know well or you have not really spent much time with him or her.


A stranger is like an alcoholic beverage, most people do not act the same while they are drinking. They are not concerned with the outcome or what people may think of them while they are indulging in drinking alcohol. This is why it is always fun meeting new people, because they do not know who you, are and you can be however, you want to be and not care. I will also add this; a one-night stand with a stranger can be the best sex ever. If you add alcohol to that, it can be explosive. I am not promoting one-night stands, as adults we make our own calls on what to do. However, personally I dig one-night stands, although I will add, any I have encountered have turned into relationships. This is based on my experiences with what would be a one-night stand.


The best sex ever, is sex with no restrictions or worries. If you are in a relationship and for whatever reason, you cannot be yourself. You need to walk away from it because you are stifling you joy. More often than not people will stay in a relationship for the time they put in. I think this is foolish, the time means nothing if it is wasted.


 Keep the spice in your life, keep it real and fresh by always making it worry free. Be yourself, love yourself and your partner will love everything about you. I have been in relationships long in the past and I could not be myself. If a man will not take you as you are, he is not worth your time. Love yourself to the fullest with all your imperfections and I promise you all will work out wonderful. There is nothing more attractive or challenging to a man than a woman with strong confidence in herself.


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